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Main menu
Beer snacks
  • Rye toasts with cheese sauce240 
  • Rye toasts with with cheese & garlic & cheese sauce270 
  • Pastry straws with cheese, bacon260 
  • Fried mini dumplings with garlic250 
  • Spicy cheese balls with tartar sauce310 
  • Spicy chicken wings BBQ360 
  • Pork ribs with caramel sauce Jack Daniels440 
  • Beer set (cold-smoked chicken, Parmesan cheese chips, Chechil cheese)440 
  • Crispy shrimps in breaded sauce with ricotta sauce with herbs and pepper320 
  • Chips from parmesan cheese with dill and chili250 
  • Potato wafers with salmon, cottage cheese and roe390 
  • Potato wafers with spicy chicken with mushroom sauce340 
  • Ассорти сыров к пиву340 
Hot & cold appetizers
  • Tiger chrimp in creamy sauce with mushrooms490 
  • Kish with leeks of onion320 
  • Camembert in crispy crust with orange confit and cowberry sauce380 
  • Forshmak with spicy apple and crispy baguette320 
  • Veal marinated in lime leaves and capers with crispy baguette390 
  • Beef tartar with pesto sauce and parmesan chips340 
  • Walloon pâté with a fragrant apple and cherry jelly320 
  • Assorted farm cheese460 
  • Ceasar salad with smoked duck 360 
  • Asparagus with tiger shrimps and mint sauce490 
  • Warm salad with grilled camembert cheese in bacon with orange dressing390 
  • Warm salad with beef, red onion & parmesan cheese chips 370 
  • Salad with salted salmon, dried tomatoes and cottage cheese380 
  • Salad with Kamchatka crab, fried cucumber and mint sauce430 
  • Fresh vegetable salad with cottage cheese320 
  • Warm salad with crispy chicken and caper sauce350 
Mussels Kiwi baked
  • Under dor sauce590 
  • Under sauce from French mustard590 
  • Under mint sauce590 
Mussels of the giant half-shell
  • In white wine with Provencal Herbs850 
  • In creamy garlic sauce850 
White Sea Mussels
  • In creamy garlic sauce440  / 850  / 1400 
  • With lime leaves, basil and ginger440  / 850  / 1400 
  • In onion sauce440  / 850  / 1400 
  • In white wine with Provencal Herbs440  / 850  / 1400 
  • In sweet sauce tomatoes with lemongrass, chili pepper and ginger440  / 850  / 1400 
  • In the sauce "four cheeses"440  / 850  / 1400 
  • Belgian onion soup290 
  • Tomato soup with seafood, ginger and lime leaves360 
  • Creamy soup with porcini mushrooms and leek320 
  • Potato cappuccino soup with pine nuts and rosemary290 
  • Pumpkin cream soup with notes of cognac and truffles with parmesan cheese or crispy bacon330 
  • Gentski soup of beef with chili320 
Main Course
  • Beef medallions in wine sauce with grilled vegetables690 
  • Pork in mushroom sauce with the potato of the unit560 
  • Fish in Flemish510 
  • Dorada, baked in orange peel and fragrant herbs690 
  • Veal in sauce of ceps with mashed potatoes590 
  • Pork in a leek ash with young potatoes540 
  • Lamb, pickled in herbs with a bird's eye 690 
  • Burger with duck chicken520 
  • Salmon with mustard puree and onion sauce590 
  • Steak striploin with pepper sauce990 
  • Chicken in Liege with creamy truffle birdlike510 
  • Brussels sprouts in cream with bacon190 
  • Mashed potatoes with green oil180 
  • Ptitim in creamy- truffle sauce210 
  • Grilled vegetables 200 
  • French fries with homemade mayonnaise180 
  • Young potatoes in a sauce with a burger with herbs and pepper210 
  • 4 sorts of crispy buns with 2 sorts of butter 80  / 160 
  • 1/2 bread basket80 
  • Waffles with homemade boiled condensed milk and an ice cream ball280 
  • Wafers with ice cream and cherry jelly280 
  • Wafers with explosive hazelnut and chocolate sauce290 
  • Waffles with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream280 
  • Pudding from homemade ricotta with blueberries280 
  • Homemade honey-maker with banana and walnut270 
  • Three balls of vanilla ice cream with topping250 
  • Cowberry pie280 
  • Milkshakes (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)210