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Main menu

Beer snacks
  • Rye toasts with cheese sauce240 
  • Rye toasts with cheese&garlic sauce and Parmesan cheese270 
  • Crispy pig ears in sweet chilli sauce310 
  • Tuna appetizer with oyster sauce and potato wafers380 
  • Potato wafers with Walloon paste and raspberry mint sauce350 
  • Sausage plate with pickled vegetables890 
  • Assorted cheese by Vasileostrovskaya Cheese Factory with honey and mustard460 
  • Fried oyster mushrooms with Tartar sauce280 
  • Crispy shrimps with homemade sour milk sauce360 
  • Cheese-potato croquette with Tartar sauce360 
  • Fried mini dumplings280 
  • Dried basturma310 
  • Raw smoked venison310 
  • Pork ribs with caramel sauce440 
  • Chips from Parmesan cheese250 
  • Crispy chicken wings with spicy peper410 
Hot & cold appetizers
  • Bruschettes with king crab & red caviar480 
  • Veal marinated in lime leaves and capers370 
  • Beef tartar with pesto sauce and chips from Parmesan cheese390 
  • Camembert in crispy crust with orange confit and cowberry sauce390 
  • Bruschetes with vegetables paste and chili pepper320 
  • Tiger chrimp in creamy sauce with mushrooms490 
  • Warm salad with grilled camembert cheese & orange dressing410 
  • Warm salad with stewed salmon and dried tomato420 
  • Salad with tuna and baked potato390 
  • Salad with veal heart, zucchini and spicy crackers370 
  • Warm salad with chiken thigh, fresh vegetables and Parmesan cheese370 
  • Warm salad with beef, red onion & parmesan cheese chips410 
  • Ceasar salad with smoked duck380 
  • Fresh vegetable salad with mozzarella cheese / olive oil without mozzarella cheese320  / 290 
Mussels Kiwi baked
  • With Dor blue sauce590 
  • With galic and green onion sauce590 
  • with spicy sauce and sesame590 
White Sea Mussels
  • Blue mussels in spicy bisque sauce480  / 1400 
  • Blue mussels with Tom Yam sauce480  / 1400 
  • Blue mussels in «four cheese» sauce480  / 1400 
  • Blue mussels In creamy garlic sauce480  / 1400 
  • Blue mussels in white wine with Provencal Herbs480  / 1400 
  • Pumpkin cream-soup with notes of cognac and truffles with parmesan cheese or crispy bacon330 
  • Potato cappuccino soup with pine nuts and rosemary290 
  • Beef soup with roasted peppers and chili350 
  • Creamy soup with porcini mushrooms and leek320 
  • Tomato soup with seafood, ginger and lime leaves380 
  • Belgian onion soup290 
Main Course
  • Burger with a cutlet from marble beef540 
  • Butcher’s steak with smoked sauce and pickled vegetables740 
  • Assorted meat in a hot pan with potatoes Pai560 
  • Smoked dollarfish with mashed potatoes and green onions520 
  • Pork in caramel sauce with baked apple and corn590 
  • Ghent chicken with Dor blue cheese and bacon in mushroom sauce560 
  • Veal in sauce of ceps with mashed potatoes610 
  • Beef tongue in caramel sauce with ptitem560 
  • Fish in Flemish540 
  • Baked salmon with cherry tomatoes and ptitim in a cheese truffle sauce690 
  • Beef medallions in wine sauce with grilled vegetables790 
  • French fries with homemade mayonnaise and truffle oil210 
  • Mashed potatoes with green oil150 
  • Grilled vegetables with Provencal herbs290 
  • Ptitim in creamy- truffle sauce150 
  • Young potatoes with homemade sour milk sauce150 
  • Bread basket100  / 180 
  • Pudding of homemade yogurt with blueberries250 
  • Homemade honey-maker with banana and walnut280 
  • Cowberry pie310 
  • Waffles with homemade boiled condensed milk290 
  • Waffles with raspberry sauce290 
  • Waffles with chocolate ganache and curd cheese320 
  • Dessert of cream cheese with drunk cherry and dried apricot290 
  • Homemade ice cream120