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What Does the Brasserie Mean? 
Brasserie is a type of cozy beer restaurant in Belgium with brewery traditions harking back to Medieval Times.

Why Do We Call the Brasserie as Kriek

Kriek is the name of our brasserie. The name is derived from the Flemish word for this type of cherry and this is the world-known Belgian brand of lambic beer, to which sour cherries are added. The Schaarbeek type cherries have been used since the Crusades. In Saint Petersburg, Kriek, Belgian brasserie, was opened in 2008, where guests could become utterly absorbed by unknown world of unique Belgian beer, being considered the best one in the world. More than 1,000 beer types with mind-boggling variety and exclusivity are brewed in Belgium. Kriek Brasserie offers a collection of more than one hundred best types of draught and bottled Belgian beer, including Trappist ales, lambics, gueuzes. Skillful chefs will satisfy your tastes by triumph of Belgian cuisine. Our chief cook has developed the recipes using various cookbooks collected in different corners of Belgium. The interior, which recreates a traditional style of Belgium beer restaurants with extreme accuracy, gives you a feeling of a real brasserie. Kriek Brasserie is truly called a quiet nook of Belgian well-being in Saint Petersburg.